Consulting & ITES

Consulting & ITES

Consulting Services for Education

CORE ECS has extensive experience providing subject matter experts or teams of consultants to work on a variety of projects. Our team(s) works to assist K-12 schools, universities and select corporations to complete a project or deploy systems.

When it comes to technology, one thing is clear; having access to practical and experienced talent with technical expertise in the deployment, architecture and operation of these technologies is invaluable.

Whether our clients are deploying a major new system, augmenting staff to assist with the seasonal fluctuations,
or looking to analyze their human-capital strategies and costs, clients come to CORE ECS for our wide range of subject-matter expertise.

  • How can we deliver a richer education experience while maintaining the most efficient cost structure possible?
  • How can we attract the best possible staff to meet the needs of our organization while not breaking the budget?
  • How can we track student performance in a meaningful way that helps our organization improve performance of the students, teachers and school?
  • How can we implement leading-edge technology that delivers high performance and delivers great value to the institution?

CORE ECS has the subject matter expertise to help you  find the answers to these questions. Let us help you find the right answers to these questions and address you specific needs and challenges.