Assistive Technologies

CORE has partnered with Dell to empower students with disabilities to reach their potential.

Assistive technology opens up the world for your district’s students with disabilities, giving them greater independence, a voice for communication and the ability to fully participate.

But the diverse range of available technologies — such as text-to-speech software, magnifying screens, switches, and tablets and laptops powered by Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 vPro™ processors — is complex. Choosing the right ones for your students, and then implementing and supporting them can be challenging for your district’s educators and administrators.

Engage students with special needs using assistive technology solutions that match their physical and cognitive abilities.

In this video, learn how CORE ECS and Dell can be your single source for combining the right hardware and software for each student’s needs.

Dell & CORE ECS partnership in action at the TERI school.